Quality E-Shop Recognition Scheme
Online Enrollment & Management System

Enrollment Form

Field marked with * must be filled.必須填寫有 * 項目。
Company Profile 公司資料
  1. The company should be the managing company of the participating e-shop.
  2. Please provide company website if it is different to the URL of participating e-shop.
  3. Participating company is required to provide copy of HK Business Registration for Association's verification.
  4. The application deadline will be on the prior working day if the 10th of every month is on weekend or public holiday.
Plans and Participation Fee 計劃及參與費用
Plan 1 計劃一
Standard Assessment 基本評審
Retailer with physical outlet(s)
E-tailer (without physical outlet(s))
Free 免費 8
(For 1st Assessment Only

Plan 2 計劃二 4
All-round Assessment 全面評審
Retailer with physical outlet(s)
HK$3,800 *
E-tailer (without physical outlet(s))
Re-assessment 5
重新評審 5
Contact Person 聯絡人
1. Contact person(s) to receive Assessment Report, Recognition Logo and Certification
First Contact Point 第一聯絡人
Second Contact Point 第二聯絡人

2. Contact information to provide customer service support
Login Detail 登入資料
case sensitive 區分大小寫
8-12 characters
(any character from A-Z, a-z, 0-9, case sensitive)
System will send the system generated temporary password to "First Contact Person" and "Second Contact Person" email address upon approval on your enrollment. For security reason, please change the password and don’t share your login name and password.
在本協會核實你的申請後,系統會發出 臨時密碼第一聯絡人第二聯絡人登記的電郵地址。基於保安理由,請更改密碼及勿向任何人士透露閣下的登錄名稱及密碼。
Participating E-Shop Information 參與網店資料
(Please provide if any 如有, 請提供)
如資料不足,請填寫 N/A
Please fill N/A in case of insufficient info
HK$ 港幣
Session 1
Session 2
Ratio of online customers in past 6 months 過去 6 個月網購客源比例 *
At least one region must be filled 必須填寫最少一個地區
Ratio of targeted online customers in next 6 months未來 6 個月目標網購客源比例 *
At least one region must be filled 必須填寫最少一個地區
Estimated ±% on promotion budget on e-shop in next 6 months未來 6 個月用於網店宣傳的預算 *
Main Product Line(s) / Business Nature of Participating E-Shop * 4 網店之主要產品系列 / 業務類別 * 4

12. The Association reserves the rights of final decision in the acceptance, assignment and change of category of participating e-shops.

13. Food Shops: No dine-in services are provided.

14. If particular product categories involved high priced transaction, payment logistics and reimbursement for online purchase would be in prior arrangement
      with the Association.  Please contact the Association for scheme details if participating e-shop is in other retail business categories.

System Information 網店系統資料
  1. Your e-shop is being deployed on a trusted hosting platform / e-marketplace / licensed software / open source which provides web security. *
    你的網店開設在可靠並提供 網路安全措施的 網站寄存平台 或 電子市集 或 以認可軟件/開源軟件開發。 *
  1. Third party is deployed to audit web security status of your e-shop annually. *
  1. Two-factor authentication is applied for membership's sign-up / account login / information change etc. as extra layer of security. *
  1. Your e-shop is being hosted in an "ISO 27001 Certified" Data Centre with availability up to 99.5% and also performs data backup from time to time. In case of downtime, the e-shop can be restored service within: *
    你的網店寄存在獲ISO27001國際認可的數據中心(正常運行水平達至99.5%),並會定期進行數據備份。在如遇上系統故障的回復時間是:: *
  1. Essential contents on your e-shop are easily accessible by assistive technologies. On pages with essential information, such as company background, scope of service, address and contacts, HTML heading mark-up (h1..h6) are used to identify headings in the content, which allows assistive technologies to present the heading status of text to users. *
    你的網店結構可易於配合輔助工具使用。在重點頁面(例如公司背景、服務範圍、地址和聯繫人)上使用HTML標題標記加註(h1..h6)的方式以識別內容中的標題。用戶可透過輔助工具讀取標題,以理解文本的標題狀態。 *
  1. Your company has installed endpoint protection software and firewall to protect network and keeps updated regularly. *
    貴公司已安裝端點保護軟件和防火牆以保護網絡,並定期更新。 *
  1. Your e-shop does not have any records of trading in counterfeit goods. *
    你的網店沒有任何售賣偽造品的紀錄。 *
  1. Online payment option(s) provided by your e-shop fulfill the requirement of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). *
    你的網店的支付方式是符合支付卡產業資料安全標準規範。 *
Online Purchase and Reimbursement Arrangement for Contract Fulfillment 履行交易評審消費確認及報銷安排
The Association would arrange mystery shopper to conduct online purchase at your e-shop in order to complete "Contract Fulfillment" (one of the perspectives of the assessment criteria). The online purchase and reimbursement would be arranged as follows:


Online Purchase 進行消費
  • The below agreed maximum consumption amount should be prepaid at the time of enrollment.
  • The mystery shopper would conduct online purchase at your e-shop according to the agreed maximum consumption amount, including delivery charge, membership registration fee or any other charges.
    神秘顧客將按同意之最高消費金額進行消費 (其金額需包括運費、會員登記費及其他不可免除的網購雜項費用)。
  • Assessment would be made for the part of "Contract Fulfillment" after the transaction.
Reimbursement Arrangement 報銷安排
  • The mystery shopper would return the received goods and purchase invoice to the Association after the assessment. A crossed cheque would be issued to refund the balance of prepaid consumption amount.
  • The association would send the crossed cheque, received goods and purchase invoice altogether by courier (courier cost is paid by receiver).
    協會將於把劃線支票、收到的貨品及付款單據以速遞(到付)送到 貴公司。

Documents for Submission 需提交之文件
Please upload required documents according to your member status.請根據您的會員狀態上載所需文件。
HKRMA Members 協會會員
Valid domain registration of participating e-shop *
有效網店域名註冊文件 *
File Type 檔案類別 : JPG / PNG / PDF
Less than 1MB | 1MB 或以下
Non-Member 非會員
Business Registration copies of current and previous years *
本年及去年之商業登記證副 *
File Type 檔案類別 : JPG / PNG / PDF
Less than 1MB | 1MB 或以下
Valid domain registration of participating e-shop
File Type 檔案類別 : JPG / PNG / PDF
Less than 1MB | 1MB 或以下
E-Shop Logo 網店標誌
Please provide E-Shop Logo for HKRMA promotion on Quality E-Shop Directory or other publicity. The logo would be used only if the e-shop passes the assessment.
File Type 檔案類別 : JPG / PNG / PDF
Less than 1MB | 1MB 或以下
Payment 付款
Enrolled Plan
Plan 1 : Standard Assessment
Maximum consumption amount
Participation Fee
Total 總額
Payable to "Hong Kong Retail Management Association Ltd"
Address: 7/F First Commercial Building, 33-35 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
地址:香港銅鑼灣禮頓道 33-35 號第一商業大廈 7 樓
If receipt is required, please fill in the following information:

Terms and Conditions 條款及細則
Agreement to Conditions 協議條件
  1. Participating companies/e-shops are required to abide by all rules and regulations of the Scheme.
  2. HKRMA reserves the right of ownership of all data as well as the assessment methods used in the Scheme.
  3. HKRMA reserves the right of final decision on all matters related to this Scheme and is not required to disclose any of the reasons relating thereto.
  4. Participating companies/e-shops consent to the release to and/ or request for complaint records or information by HKRMA in relation to any allegation received by the Consumer Council and other related government departments or organizations against the participating companies for sale or dealing in pirated or counterfeit goods in the past twelve months.
  5. HKRMA reserves the right to request supporting documents from participating companies/e-shops to prove the above declared information.
  6. HKRMA shall not be responsible or liable in any occasional disputes / allegations between participating company and/ or its e-shop and individual online shoppers.
Confidentiality 資料保密
  1. All information pertaining to the survey data and findings of individual participating e-shop will be handled with utmost care and strict confidentiality.
  2. Participating e-shops' performance will not be disclosed, except for the "Category Leader" and "Industry Leader".
Category 零售組別
  1. The Association reserves the rights of final decision in the acceptance, assignment and change of category of participating e-shops.
Withdrawal / Disqualification 取消申請/取消參加資格
  1. Withdrawals are not acceptable after the enrolment is received, and the participation fee will not be refunded.
  2. Any false information given relating to the participating company/e-shop may result in disqualification of its entry, and any participation fee paid for the period will not be refunded.
  3. HKRMA reserves the right to suspend or terminate the use of the Recognition Logo if it has reason to believe the participating companies/e-shops have failed to comply with the rules and regulations of the Scheme, or if any action is taken against such participating companies/e-shops by Consumer Council and other relatd government departments or organizations. The participating companies/e-shops are prohibited to use the logo on its e-shop, related advertisement and promotional materials.
Data Privacy Statement and Declaration 私隱條例及聲明
The information collected from your company will be used for purpose of processing your company's programme enrollment. Please note that it is mandatory for your company to provide all the data. If your company does not provide such data, the Association will not be able to process the enrollment. The Association intends to use all your company’s data for direct marketing; the data will be used for distributing circulars, publications, research materials, market information; direct marketing of the annual events, conferences, seminars, briefings, meetings, awards programmes, training programmes, and services of the Association; and direct marketing of activities similar to the Association’s above activities which are organized by the Association’s business partners. The Association shall not so use the data unless with your company’s consent. Your company has the right to request access to and correction of information held by us about your company. If your company wishes to access or correct the data, please contact us by writing to Ms. Ng at our address, by email (membership@hkrma.org) or by fax (2866-8380).

本協會收集的 貴公司資料將用作處理報名參加活動,請注意 貴公司必須提供所有資料,以便本會處理有關報名。本會將會使用 貴公司所提供的公司資料在直接促銷的用途上,包括協會的通告、刊物、研究資料、市場資訊;推廣協會的周年活動、研討會、會議、簡報會、獎項計劃、培訓計劃及服務,以及協會的合作夥伴所舉辦的同類活動。本會只在取得 貴公司的同意後才會使用有關資料。 貴公司有權要求查閱或更正公司的資料,請書面以郵寄、電郵(membership@hkrma.org)或傳真(2866-8380) 方式與本會職員吳小姐聯絡。
to the above stated use of the company's data in direct marketing. *
上述有關使用本公司的資料作直接促銷用途。 *