Quality E-Shop Recognition Scheme

E-Shop Quality Health Check

Does your e-shop include the following 5 important elements (T.R.U.S.T) of being a "Quality E-Shop"?
你的網店是否達到以上5個《優網店》重要元素 (『 T.R.U.S.T』)?
To have a preliminary review of your e-shop, please complete the following assessment and a detail report with professional suggestions will be followed.

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The HKRMA Quality E-Shop Recognition Scheme aims to raise consumers' confidence in Hong Kong's e-shops by giving recognition to quality e-shops. The e-shop would be recognized as "Q-eShop" if the e-shops pass the assessment. Please CLICK HERE for the scheme details.

香港零售管理協會舉辦的「優質網店認證計劃」,為表現卓越的香港網店頒授認證,加強消費者於香港網店購物的信心。評審通過的網店方可獲協會認證為《優網店》。請 按此 瀏覽計劃詳情。

All fields must be filled.需填寫所有項目。
Company Profile 公司資料
Main Product Line(s) / Business Nature of Participating E-Shop 網店之主要產品系列 / 業務類別
Operator 營運
(* 1 point if YES; 0 point if NO)
  1. The domain name of your e-shop is officially registered and valid for at least 12 months. The contact information of registrant is valid.

  1. Your e-shop has been fully operative for at least a year (calculated from the first transaction date).

  1. Your e-shop has received 100 monthly orders / transactions in average in the past 6 months.
    在過去6個月,你的網店每月平均訂單 / 交易宗數達至100宗。

  1. Your e-shop has achieved HK$20,000 monthly sales turnover in average in the past 6 months.

  1. Your e-shop would conduct regular check on its IP and domain name if they are blacklisted.

  1. Your e-shop engages in the retail sale of merchandise or the provision of retail services to individual customers in Hong Kong.

  1. Your e-shop is running in form of website and provides online check-out option(s).

  1. Your e-shop does not have any records of trading in counterfeit goods.

  1. Your e-shop does not receive any complaints from Consumer Council in the past 12 months.

Service 服務
(* 1 point if YES; 0 point if NO)
  1. Your e-shop is a SSL Secure Site and valid for at least 6 months.

  1. The interface of your e-shop is clear and user-friendly and provides accessible contact information.

  1. Your e-shop can respond to customers' enquiries and fulfill the delivery of online transactions within the agreed timeframe.
    你的網店可在承諾的時限內回覆顧客的查詢 及 履行交易送遞。

  1. Your e-shop offers payment options through secured e-payment service provider.

  1. Notification with order details would be sent to customer once transaction is completed.

  1. Terms and Conditions and Privacy Disclaimer are listed on your e-shop.

System 系統
(* 1 point if YES; 0 point if NO)
  1. Your e-shop is being deployed on a trusted hosting platform which provides web security.

  1. Your e-shop is hosted in a Certified Data Centre.

  1. Your e-shop is responsive designed or provides mobile version.

Free Consultation 免費諮詢
  1. Free consultation for improving your e-shop.

Remark 備註
The above information and data will be kept confidential and will not be disclosed to any third party.

No part of this assessment form should be reproduced without the prior written permission of the Hong Kong Retail Management Association.
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